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Black Tiger Sex Machine

at The Catalyst Club

The Mehmet Polat Trio

at Kuumbwa Jazz Center

The Mehmet Polat Trio is a spiritual yet adventurous meeting of three virtuosos of magical instruments: Ney, Kora and Oud. With roots in the Ottoman, …


Thursday Art Market

at Tannery Arts Center

Check out the new Thursday Art Market with Live Music, demonstrations from artists across mediums, featured loft artists and food from Jonathan Parvis…

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  • nightlife

    A Musical Proverb: Santa Cruz Music This Week

    A musical proverb for you this week…   For want of a weekly, the patron was lost. For want of a patron, the show was lost. For want of a show, the band was lost. For want of a band, the venue was lost. For want of a venue, the music was lost. For want…

  • nightlife

    Breaking Bamboo: Interview with Gold Panda

    Coming to Santa Cruz all the way from his London-based lair is the trailblazing and internationally acclaimed producer Gold Panda. Although he’s been around since bands were still making it on Myspace, not much is known about the man known for making ethereal, catchy, musical journey-inspiring sample based music. We got the chance to sit…

  • nightlife

    Dance Like You Mean It: Santa Cruz Music This Week

    After watching humans who are at the peak of physical fitness compete for the last few weeks, there are a lot of us out there renewing gym memberships, investing in some swim goggles and dusting off that Fitbit we got for Christmas. We figured we’d help you on your way to your Olympic Physique with…

  • nightlife

    Go for Gold: Santa Cruz Music This Week

    The Olympics used to include music in its competitions alongside literature, poetry, architecture and painting. While it’s unfortunate that we’ll never get to see Bukowski fight Brautigan for the bronze, or Kanye West and Taylor Swift grapple for gold, you can still award your own medals for greatness this week. So get out there and…

  • nightlife

    Some Choices Are Easy: Santa Cruz Music This Week

    Decisions, decisions. Between political candidates, cable companies, coffee places and types of eggs benedict, does it ever feel like the world may just be giving you too many choices sometimes? This week we’re taking some away for you. Four days. Four shows. Nothing to decide between. See one or see them all—all we ask is…

  • nightlife

    Gotta Catch ‘em All: Santa Cruz Music This Week

    Santa Cruz has another weirdly awesome weekend of music for you with a lineup that includes psychedelic rock, ska-fusion, old-fashioned pop and some seriously futuristic sounds—all at a reasonable price. We know you’ll already be outside PokemonGo-ing around (don’t deny it—we see you), so why not see some live music while you catch ‘em all?…

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