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Jessie Street Marsh Awareness Festival

at Jessie Street Marsh

Jessie Street marsh is a piece of land that should be habitat for an abundance of species, including migratory birds, bats and tree frogs. This child …


Thursday Art Market

at Tannery Arts Center

Check out the new Thursday Art Market with Live Music, demonstrations from artists across mediums, featured loft artists and food from Jonathan Parvis…


Big Trees Scottish Gathering and Highland Games

at Roaring Camp Railroads

Come celebrate all things Celtic! Enjoy Scottish heavy athletics including the always popular caber toss, clans and societies, highland dance, Cape Br…

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  • nightlife

    Almost Famous: Santa Cruz Music This Week

    The silver screen has given us plenty of iconic Rock God moments. Our favorites are Billy Cruddup yelling, “I am a golden god!” moments before jumping off a roof in Almost Famous and when Mark Wahlberg’s character in Rock Star forgot which city his wife lived in—“This is Seattle?!” While they may seem a little ridiculous…

  • attractions

    The City of Santa Cruz Turns 150!

    On October 1, the City of Santa Cruz will celebrate its 150th Anniversary with a huge beach party on Main Beach. The Beach Party, which will go from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., offers a great family-friendly opportunity to come out and celebrate the wonderful Santa Cruz community. Down the beach, past the Boardwalk’s stage,…

  • restaurants

    The Spirits of Santa Cruz: Local Craft Liquor Distillers

    Distilled in Santa Cruz—now that’s a seductive phrase for inquiring visitors. But those of us who live here are the real winners. Besides our obvious embarrassment of riches in other departments, we can now boast two makers of distinctive distilled spirits right here by the sea. A one-man crusade for local, organic, high-proof, hand-crafted, small-batch…

  • nightlife

    Sol and Soul: Santa Cruz Music This Week

    The music bookers in this town love to keep Santa Cruz weird, and this week was no exception. Two Grammy-winning performers, a pornographically-inclined punk band from the UK, a huge festival in the redwoods, and a hilarious but undeniably creepy musical ventriloquist are all in town. Get out and embrace it.   Thursday, September 15…

  • attractions

    Santa Cruz Bike Party Takes to the Streets

    You may have seen a traveling party of cheerful bicyclists around downtown Santa Cruz, complete with music, lights and sounds of revelry, including an occasional yell: “Bike Parrrrrtyyyy!” If this occurred on the second Friday of the month, then you were a witness to our local Bike Party, started by Steve Schnaar and Tawn Kennedy…

  • restaurants

    Food Tours Reveal the Secrets of Santa Cruz Restaurants

    “The story of this town is the story of a jailbreak,” says Brion Sprinsock, the owner of Santa Cruz Food Tours, which just celebrated its 200th event. Sprinsock is sitting in the breakfast nook of the Hinds Victorian Guest House, which he owns, pointing out the window to the railroad tracks that run along Chestnut…

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