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Toby Gray Highway Buddha

at The Reef Bar & Restaurant

Enjoy the Santa Cruz Downtown Oasis and Relax with the Best of Santa Cruz. Music starts 1 PM with Toby Gray Highway Buddha


Strawberry Souls

at The Cats Restaurant & Bar

Please join Beatles tribute band STRAWBERRY SOULS at The Cats Restaurant & Bar in Los Gatos, for an evening of the Fab Four's greatest hits. Com…


Library Tasting - A Taste of the Mountains

at Storrs Winery

Join us for a special tasting of unique vintages from the past. From our mountains, and beyond. Vin Express (our wine club) tickets are complimentary,…

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  • nightlife

    Shake It Off: Weekly Music Picks for the End of 2016

    The holidays are in full swing and everyone is ready for some much deserved time off, including the awesome local venues and musicians that constantly provide us with quality local entertainment. Since things are a little sparse we decided to consolidate and give you some highlights for the next two weeks. Get a few more…

  • nightlife

    Home for the Holidays: Santa Cruz Music This Week

    It’s that time of yearagain, when family members and old friends come home for the holidays. Turns out, there are lots of amazing musicians that call Santa Cruz home and they’re celebrating by doing what they love best—giving us an awesome show. This week, we’re featuring four great acts by Santa Cruz and Bay Area…

  • nightlife

    A Heating Bill You Can Afford: Santa Cruz Music This Week

    Since the dawn of time man has huddled together for warmth in the winter, telling stories, playing music, eating food, and drinking spirits. So why suffer away this cold, rainy weather at home? We may have central heating systems now, but why not convene where someone else has to pay the gas bill? Nothing gets…

  • restaurants

    I Spy: Santa Cruz’s Best Restaurants for People Watching

    Santa Cruz is a small town. And often times small towns—even those as lively and quirky as ours—can feel a little sleepy. Luckily, there are plenty of places around here to sit and snack while monitoring curious people trying to mind their own business. Here are some of our top picks for people watching. Midtown…

  • nightlife

    The Underground Comedy Scene in Santa Cruz

    Approximately 10,000 years ago, on a Thursday, a pre-historic man named Grrock slipped on a banana peel. His crusty friends laughed uproariously before falling out of their cave and evolving. Thus, underground comedy in Santa Cruz was born. Today, one-off local comedy shows happen in pop-up restaurants while cult favorites like Mike Birbiglia headline the…

  • restaurants

    Kickin Chicken Delivers Comfort Food Right to your Door

    Eating fried chicken can be a blissful experience. Those moments when you raise the first piece, examining it from all sides to find the perfect spot to begin, followed by the crackle of salty coating as your teeth break into the juicy meat are one of life’s great simple pleasures. It doesn’t matter if you…

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