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XAVIER RUDD & The United Nations

at The Catalyst Club

Since the very beginning, Xavier Rudd's ability to connect with people has been his most powerful gift. The more he has toured the world, the more hea…


Gordon Lightfoot

at Rio Theatre

- Lightfoot's Live Concerts Stronger Than Ever - performing more concerts in 2010 than any other year of his remarkable career. - Country Star, Tob…

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    Santa Cruz Is On Fire: Top Events This Week

    You know those weeks when there is absolutely nothing going on? When binge-watching television shows that are no longer on air seems an acceptable way to pass the time? Well, this is not one of those weeks. Actually, this week is the polar opposite of that kind of week. If you do not end up with…

  • nightlife

    Last Rites: Santa Cruz Music This Week

    America’s future president, Donald Trump, made waves in the music world last month when he opened a campaign event in Washington D.C. with R.E.M.’s “It Is The End Of The World” without first asking the alt-rocker’s blessing. While Michael Stipe was not impressed, perhaps we should be asking ourselves, Why did Trump choose this unlikeliest…

  • nightlife

    The Kids are Allright: Santa Cruz Music This Week

    A jazz music phenom and a 20-year-old that can channel 90s-era badassary better than the originals are just some of the acts playing this week that will make you rethink your youth. What were you doing during your teenage years? I bet it wasn’t touring the world regaling people with your amazing talent! Check out…

  • attractions

    In the Green Room: The Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival

    Last year, husband and wife team, Michael and Delphine Foo-Matkin brought the first Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival to life in epic fashion, presenting over a dozen international and domestically produced surf movies over a two-day period at the Rio Theatre. This year, the Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival is back in full force with…

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    Beneath The Waves Film Festival

    We live right next to one of the most gorgeous, cited, studied, and renowned natural marine sanctuaries in the world—home to dolphins, sea otters, whales, sea stars, those squishy anemones that curl up when you touch them (probably not supposed to do that…) and so much more! But do we really know much about it?…

  • nightlife

    Get Sweaty & Dance: Santa Cruz Music This Week

    While this may be the most gorgeous time of year in Santa Cruz, it’s been absolutely sweltering lately, and unless you’re lucky enough to work in one of the few buildings in town with capable AC, it’s probably all you can think about right now. Luckily we here at Good Times & have found…

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