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The Quitters

at Don Quixote's International Music Hall

Join us Sunday, April 23rd, 7PM for our debut at Don Quixote's International Music Hall, 6275 Highway 9, Felton. Every seat is a good seat. $15 at the…


Geranium Spring Open House at The College of Botanical Healing Arts

at The College of Botanical Healing Arts

Geranium Day Open House Join us Sunday April 23, 2017 from 11:00 am-2:00 pm here at COBHA for our Spring Open House! Geranium Distillation and Infus…


Intro to Agility Class (6 weeks)

at Living With Dogs Training Complex

(6 week class, 1.25 hours per week) You and your dog will learn how to work and communicate as an agility team, how to use toys for motivation, obedie…

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    Thinking Outside the Box: Artists Give Signal Boxes A Makeover

    What started as a graffiti removal program has blossomed into one of the County’s most beloved artistic endeavors. One by one, traffic signal boxes are getting artistic makeovers. The Santa Cruz County Parks Department’s Outside the Box (OTB) program has employed more than a dozen local artists to beautify otherwise dull utility boxes. They are…

  • restaurants

    Chocolate: “Crack for Nice People”

    Chocolate is loaded with flavonoid antioxidants—more than green tea, red wine, or an apple. This justification alone seems to defend the private euphoria of a square (or entire bar) here and there, right?

  • restaurants

    I Spy: Santa Cruz’s Best Restaurants for People Watching

    Santa Cruz is a small town. And often times small towns—even those as lively and quirky as ours—can feel a little sleepy. Luckily, there are plenty of places around here to sit and snack while monitoring curious people trying to mind their own business. Here are some of our top picks for people watching. Midtown…

  • restaurants

    Kickin Chicken Delivers Comfort Food Right to your Door

    Eating fried chicken can be a blissful experience. Those moments when you raise the first piece, examining it from all sides to find the perfect spot to begin, followed by the crackle of salty coating as your teeth break into the juicy meat are one of life’s great simple pleasures. It doesn’t matter if you…

  • restaurants

    The Spirits of Santa Cruz: Local Craft Liquor Distillers

    Distilled in Santa Cruz—now that’s a seductive phrase for inquiring visitors. But those of us who live here are the real winners. Besides our obvious embarrassment of riches in other departments, we can now boast two makers of distinctive distilled spirits right here by the sea. A one-man crusade for local, organic, high-proof, hand-crafted, small-batch…

  • restaurants

    Food Tours Reveal the Secrets of Santa Cruz Restaurants

    “The story of this town is the story of a jailbreak,” says Brion Sprinsock, the owner of Santa Cruz Food Tours, which just celebrated its 200th event. Sprinsock is sitting in the breakfast nook of the Hinds Victorian Guest House, which he owns, pointing out the window to the railroad tracks that run along Chestnut…

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