Snoop Dogg plays the Catalyst on Thursday, Dec. 13.

When you think of hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, you of course think of Santa Cruz County Treasurer Fred Keeley.
What, you don’t?
We certainly do, after learning that former state assemblymember Keeley never misses a Snoop show. In honor of the maniac in black Mr. Snoop Eastwood’s gig at the Catalyst Thursday, we asked Keeley (who we hope will heretofore be referred to at official county proceedings as “DJ Keeladelic,” or at the very least, “Fred Lion”) to tell us what his favorite Doggy-style songs are, and why:
1. ‘Signs’
Keeley: “This features not only Snoop, but Uncle Charlie Wilson and Justin Timberlake. A very funny set of lyrics with Snoop and Justin exchanging challenges about a woman they like, or not.”
2. ‘Game Court,’ featuring Mac Minista
Keeley: “A big thumb in the eye of the music establishment.  Great lyrics like, ‘The anti-player has filed and submitted an alpha-davit in the Game Court. With trumped up charges against my client Snoop Dogg, for distributing and manufacturing game.’”
3. ‘My Own Way,’ featuring Mr. Porter
Keeley: “I may be way off on this, but I like what appears to be the challenges of dealing with fame, while keeping it real. For example, ‘Separate, elevate/Concentrate, dominate and innovate/Try to be fly as me/And every other homie tell them lie to me/I need a deal, I need some stones/I need some beats, Dogg, I need a loan/Help me out, throw me some cash, If I got you got it and you ain’t got to ask/But on the real or is it lately/A lot of homies they tried to implicate me/They say I am changed, is it the fame/If I throw it to you then charge it to the game/Money fold overload.”
4. ‘One Chance (Make it Good)’
Keeley: “A fast piece that sets its sights well.”
5. ‘Gotta Find a Way’
Keeley: “A bit darker view of the world, but in that amazing Snoop Dogg way.”
Snoop Dogg plays the Catalyst on Thursday, Dec. 13 at 8pm. Tickets $54 adv/$59 door.