Readers sound off to make a small correction in a previous writer’s rant, theorize on the elite of Santa Cruz County, and assert that what happens in the Mideast affects the current fight over U.S. health care.

So Close

I don't have time to tell you why the Wright brothers invented the airplane instead of the Wright sisters (Letters, Dec. 19). Let me just say, in short, that you are correct.  It is not white males who are responsible for most of the mayhem in the world. It's just males.

Cindy Blake

Santa Cruz


Same Old Story

Re: “Bully Pulpit” (Dec. 12): Soquel Elementary School, ha. Welcome to 1955—it has not changed since. Move on, go elsewhere, and the faster the better. This is not the place to make any form of a stand. I’m not saying that it is over, but the fact is you need to fight from afar. Get a lawyer, sue, and sue some more.

Capitola/Soquel is ruled by a few people, and if you are not in the inner circle and have something on all of them, then you must take what you can. Take them for all you can, but they will cover it up and then the next “fool” will come along and step into the same thing. Talk to everybody, put it in writing, and send it to everyone. Push all the buttons. Don’t feel bad about asking for the money. That is all they know. Just move on and never look back at bad people.

Name Withheld By Request

Santa Cruz

On Hold

We U.S. citizens are watching our president try to finesse medical coverage plans for the people through the surly gauntlet of Republican stinginess and here’s another blow-up in the Mideast. Once again, we’re supposed to pay attention to Israel: the spoiled child is mad at Palestine, once again.

Okay kids, we’ll put our own trouble on hold…again. You called a ceasefire, then are building thousands of houses on the West Bank, in spite of international opposition to this violation of territory boundaries. Then dump a development of more houses on a highly contested part outside Jerusalem. And neighboring countries denounce Israel: what’s their problem?

The basis of this Mideast festering problem however is not Israel always finding one more “offense” by some neighbor to answer with 50 or so 8-inch missiles. The problem is our United States always having the baby monitor going to hear what the spoiled child is doing. Israel keeps pushing the aggression card because they know Big Brother America is waiting in the wings to back them. Israel wants to play in the big leagues of sovereign nations, but it totally dependent upon a larger country in times of a major threat. That’s not a nation, that’s a territory.

We send a whopping $6 billion-plus to Israel each year—that amount could enable a lot of Americans to have medical coverage. We need to cut these grants out now! Man up and cut off territory Israel: win-win. Our people benefit and we could truly have a “silent night” in Bethlehem this Christmas.


Theodore F. Meyer

Santa Cruz