Much love for John Craigie, not as much for disruptive library patrons and President Obama.

House Rules

Re: “Stacks of Trouble” (Currents, Jan. 9): Having worked in the Central lobby bookstore for four years, I witnessed first hand the awkward scenarios involving library staff and troublesome “street” patrons.  Library users’ attitudes toward the homeless range from heartfelt sympathy to disgust and anger.  Perhaps those who use these daytime shelters might liken it to visiting someone’s home…dozing off or eating food on the floor in this culture is not kosher; it’s disrespectful.  Contrary, unruly behavior salted with foul language creates a threatening, disruptive atmosphere unacceptable, if not illegal, in public arenas.

Kathy Cheer


Loan Rangers

Re: “Stacks of Trouble”: A few times a month, I pop into the Santa Cruz Main Branch Library (downtown Santa Cruz) to browse and also to use my laptop to write in a (relatively) quiet place. I typically set up shop right near the library checkout desk for two reasons: 1. I feel safer in the library when I am stationed closer to a row of workers! Further back in the library, well, it can feel like being in a homeless shelter! 2. It is amazing people-watching to see the variety of folks who come through those doors. I would never want to work there, and admire those who do. I have long observed that the job of librarian, at least in that location, seems to now require advanced sociology skills to cope with the customers as well as traditional library skills.

Karen Kefauver

Couching Tiger

Re: “The Last Troubadour” (Cover, Jan. 9). I have had the honor to see John several times this year. He is a true talent and great entertainer. He has only landed on our sofa once, but is always welcome.

Michelle Rogers


Johnny, Be Good

Re: “The Last Troubadour.” Great article!  It has all the stuff that make a dad (who enjoys the gigs immensely) proud of what his son is doing—and a parent (who loves his son fiercely) worried about what his son is going to do.

Jack Craigie

“Proud Father of John”


Control Issues

Gun control…what a great idea, Mr. President. Why does it take a tragedy in Connecticut to instigate this action? Why did nothing happen after Columbine? Surely it was just as tragic!

And will you extend this gun control onto our military industrial complex? I mean we are by far the biggest supplier of arms to the world as a whole; especially favoring certain countries with despot leaders bent on conquering anything that stands in the way of getting whatever it is they want!

I’m quite certain that there are more than 20 children murdered daily around the world by guns which came from the good ole US of A. Children who were just trying to live their lives as normally as they possibly can, given their circumstances. Just trying to learn how to read and write, like the kids in Connecticut.

Please tell me Mr. President, why are our children’s lives worth more than those from another country?

Marc Groah