The work of famed Santa Cruz nature photographer Frans Lanting and videographer Chris Eckstrom is highlighted in the screenings of 'Cheetahs on the Run' at the Rio.


The Seymour Center presents two screenings of this film that explores the secret life of the fastest animal on earth.  Surprisingly, this big cat is also one of the most vulnerable.  With stunning images and commentary on global conservation, Cheetahs on the Run demonstrates the power of photography in inspiring a different worldview.


Defy space and time with the Santa Cruz County Symphony as they hop around the globe through three centuries, from Mozart in Vienna to Del Aguila’s Caribbean Conga. The latest installment in their 2012-2013 season, this will be the last chance to catch the Symphony before their next concert opens in March.


A long-time fixture on the Bay Area music scene, Linda Tillery is a vocalist, percussionist, producer, lecturer and historian. As founder and leader of the Cultural Heritage Choir, she is the picture of strength and wisdom, playing and singing from a place of deep, tremendous power. On a mission to preserve and share the rich African American roots traditions, the Oakland-based Cultural Heritage Choir weaves music, dance and stories from the South, the Caribbean and West Africa, to create a high-energy, hand-clapping, percussion-driven sound.


San Francisco Giants 3rd baseman Tim Flannery is also a singer-songwriter who fronts his band Lunatic Fringe in the off-season. This week, he’s performing a series of concerts to benefit Brian Stow, the Santa Cruz fan of the Giants who wsa beaten in the parking lot of Dodgers stadium after a game in 2011. Most Santa Cruzans know the story, but many don’t know that as of this weekend he was back in the hospital once again with a large blood clot. This is a chance to help with Stow’s gargantuan medical costs over the course of his ongoing ordeal. This show in his hometown is the last of the week, at which Flannery hopes to have a check from the week’s proceeds ready to present to the Stow family.


This day camp at the MakersFactory is for kids ages 9 to 12 but there’s some stuff going on that I can’t even comprehend, and I’m a little older than that. Einsteins-in-training can watch and learn with a variety of gears, pulleys, and levers to complete challenges and study the transfer and change of energy.