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Between bluegrass, bands that have graced the silver screen, and artists that brush shoulders with modern American royalty, Santa Cruz is working with an eclectic mix of heavy hitters this week. Pick one or pick ‘em all—you won’t be disappointed.

Tuesday, February 23

Reel Big Fish at The Catalyst

Ever since Reel Big Fish burst out of the underground 90’s ska scene with their catchy 1997 hit “Sell out”, they have been touring non-stop, ironically covering pop songs, and playing half time shows for The Basketball Leagues. Having cut their teeth in the So-Cal scene alongside legendary ska acts like Sublime and No-Doubt, Reel Big Fish knows how to bring the energy (and of course the horns) to a knee-kickin’ ska show like no one else touring today. So come sell out with us, oh yeah! Tickets $20 in adv/$23 at the door

Wednesday, February 24

World’s Finest and Moon Cadillac at Moe’s Alley

The forecast for Wednesday night is as follows: a warm, Neo-American/dub/ska/bluegrass musical current is moving in from Portland, Oregon and heading directly towards Moe’s Alley. This will likely collide with the funky, dance-pop quartet cold front that is Moon Cadillac, resulting in a 100% chance of weird. Bring your dancing shoes for this eclectic double bill. Guests will also enjoy some new material from Moon Cadillac, who have a new album due for release this spring.Tickets $7 adv/$10 at the door

Thursday, February 25

TYGA at The Catalyst

Thank You God Always, AKA TYGA, is the latest product of the hip-hop powerhouse Young Money Entertainment. Tracks like “Rack City”, “Faded”, and “Still Got it” ft. Drake quickly catapulted the Gardena, CA emcee to the forefront of pop culture. Between his latest release “The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty” and his tabloid fodder relationship with the young Kylie Jenner, it’s plain to see TYGA’s time at the top will not be short lived. Where he goes, a spectacle follows. Who knows, maybe you can snag a selfie with a Kardashian. Tickets $40 adv/$45 at the door

Thursday, February 25

One Grass Two Grass at The Crepe Place

No need to keep worrying about whether the grass is greener or what side its on, because this Thursday the only shade that matters is blue. Oakland’s finest bluegrass crew, One Grass Two Grass, will be doing what they do best this Thursday at The Crepe Place. In true bluegrass fashion the band’s instrument arsenal includes a banjo, fiddle, stand-up bass and guitar. C’mon and swing your partner side to side. Tickets $8 at the door.

Saturday, February 27

Androyd at The Blue Lagoon

When you hear the term “jam band”, one usually thinks of slowly swaying to the acoustic tunes of The Dead or Phish, but when Androyd jams, there’s nothing slow about it. Local music producer Andy the Androyd has been combining jam band vibes with the more modern electronic grooves of soul, swing, and hip-hop, dubbed as “machine music coming alive”. Come jam with the man (or machine?) himself this Friday. Tickets $5 at the door.