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Quick and Easy! Nutritional Show Recipe for Week of February 29th:

1 up-and-coming hip-hop game changer

2 acoustic talents

1 whole, organic weird and intriguing psychedelic experience

Sprinkle in local rockers to taste.



Monday, February 29

Goldlink at The Catalyst Main Stage

Goldlink is a prime example of how the Internet has flipped the music industry on its head. While you could call the electronically progressive rapper “aspiring” because he’s only released six songs, those six songs have captured the attention of an industry and garnered millions of plays on Soundcloud. With lyrics focused on the darker side of life, and a beat side that hearkens back to that “boom-bap” classic New York-style, his show shouldn’t be one to miss. Tickets $15 adv/$18 at the door

Wednesday, March 2

Dan Bern at The Crepe Place

A singer songwriter in the purest form, Dan Bern is just a man with an acoustic guitar that may have been born a few decades too soon. His 24 studio albums, EPs and live recordings are filled with beautifully complex songs focused on marveling at life’s beauty, causing listeners to compare him to Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Johnny Cash. Don’t take our word for it; let him croon for you this Wednesday. Tickets $12 adv/$15 at the door

Thursday, March 3

Insects vs Robots at Moe’s Alley

Sometimes you can’t say it better than the band themselves: “IVR is a psychotropicturesque quasi-nomadic music tribe roaming the jungles of Los Angeles. They employ violin, charango, guitar, drums, bass, voice, harp, banjo, kazoo, harmonium, saran wrap, sitar, megaphone, and other sonic confibulations to weave landscapes of otherworldly, folksy, and volcanic rock music. Their performance causes audiences to enter a state of frenzied joyous dancing, leaping, frothing, singing, moshing, and bewilderment. Having entered into their world, I have peered into the strange polyphonic canyons of their realm, and have no choice but to remain and chronicle their journey. I will not be returning to civilization.” Oh, and they also boast Micah Nelson, Willie Nelson’s son, as part of the lineup. Tickets $8 adv/$12 at the door

Thursday, March 3

The Cave Singers at The Catalyst Main Stage

The Cave Singers are birthed from the ashes of the awesome Seattle-style post-punk band Pretty Girls Make Graves (shout out to all you Rock Band 3 players). They’re three very talented musicians who make quirky, substantial, and most importantly, insanely catchy folky songs. Whether it’s the main three members or their full six piece live band, these guys will make you wanna jump on stage and just start playing whatever you can get your hands on just to be part of the fun. Tickets $15

Friday, March 4

LOCALS ONLY at The Blue Lagoon

Don’t worry all you out-of-towners, no crusty old guy in a wetsuit is going to yell “Go home Slug!” just because you looked at the ocean and he forgot it’s not the 80’s anymore. This time “locals” refers to the music, and this show has some of the best home town talent in the game right now. The Redlight District, FASIV (formerly Strange Hotel), and Beach Fuzz will all be doing their uniquely awesome rock-centric musical thing on stage for you, and you alone (plus whoever else shows up). Give the locals some love. Tickets $5 at the door.






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