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Between politics, value menus, and shady internet providers you have a lot of choices to make these days. So this week we’re making it easy on you with no double ups, five different nights with five quality acts.

Tuesday, February 2

Creed Bratton: An Evening of Music and Comedy at The Catalyst

Your eyes do not deceive you—this is the same Creed Bratton from ‘The Office’ fame gracing us with his primetime presence. The show is billed as disturbingly hilarious, just like his character on the show, and according to his amazingly eccentric website, he’s been at the acting and music game since the 60’s. The lines between Creed Bratton ‘the man’ and Creed Bratton ‘the character’ have always been blurred, and we kinda like it that way. Tickets: $20-$40 at the door

Wednesday, February 3

Scott Pemberton at The Catalyst Atrium

Your favorite guitar player’s favorite guitar player is Scott Pemberton. Although he has supported himself with his guitar since he was 19, he rarely made any public moves until after a horrendous car crash in 2014. Following his recovery, he met his career with a newfound intensity and took his act on the road, garnering praise from every serious guitar publication around. Come watch a master of his craft. Tickets: $8 adv/$10 at the door

Thursday, February 4

The She’s at The Crepe Place

At the age where most of us are trying to learn how to raise your hand without yelling and use the big kid bathrooms, these four were already crafting licks and penning angsty lyrics together. Luckily for us they all stuck together and have continued crafting music together, landing somewhere melodically fun between Doo-Wop and Surf Rock. Tickets: $8 at the door

Friday, February 5

The China Cats at Moe’s Alley

Alright DeadHeads, bust out your 20-year old T-shirts and necklace bags filled with Jerry Garcia ashes because the next best thing is coming to Moe’s Alley. The China Cats are The Bay Area’s premiere Grateful Dead cover band, filled with legendary Bay Area jam band members like Matt Hartle and Scott Cooper. These guys do The Dead justice while keeping it fresh with their own original spins. Tickets: $12 adv/$15 at the door

Saturday, February 6

Planet Booty at The Blue Lagoon

At the head of a beastly ten artist lineup is a band that deserves the spot—Planet Booty. In what can only be (in)adequately described as the flyest, funkiest, most booty shakinest live rock opera stage show you will ever see. Planet Booty will leave you sweating, smiling, and wanting to spread their peaceful message of “setting your booty free”. Plus, ten acts for $5 is a deal that can’t be beat. Tickets: $5 at the door.