Oddfellows in Albert Nobbs

Hotel waiter Albert (Glenn Close) woos Helen (Mia Wasikowska) in ‘Albert Nobbs,’ opening Friday. Photo by Patrick Redmond.

After playing the part of a 19th–century British cross–dresser on the stage, Glenn Close worked to bring the tightly crafted character study to the big screen. Watching the poignant, if slight, results, we can understand just how tough it was for her to find financial backing for Albert Nobbs, a tidy period piece starring Close herself in the title role.

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Rachel Fannan & Only You

Only You plays the Crepe Place on Jan. 25.

A guitar-slinging heroine conjuring multitudes with only her voice and ax: the image of the singer-songwriter is an enduring one. But this iconic persona has shown its age in our time of sequencers and one-man laptop bands. So it was refreshing to watch Rachel Fannan at the Crepe Place circa 2008, assembling ornate live multi-part arrangements with electric guitar, drum machine and loop box that pushed the limits of what a single performer could produce live.

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A Conversation With James Durbin

James Durbin in the green room at Kuumbwa, Jan. 17. Photo by Jake Pierce.

James Durbin, who started singing in bars at 15, has an edge that even his most ardent fans may have missed as they watched his ride on national television last year. “Being on [American] Idol, you get this stigma of being this wholesome person or else you don’t make it very far,” Durbin said before a secret concert earlier this week.

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