Hiding Out at Hidden Peak Teahouse

tea ceremony

Every time I visit Hidden Peak Teahouse in downtown Santa Cruz, an amazing thing happens. Inside the digital-free space, the vague separation anxiety that occurs when my phone is anywhere but in my right hand soon gives way to a palpable relief. With my phone powered down, the texts, emails, emoticons, tweets, Facebook notifications—the entire…

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Open Studios Art Tour 2016 Magazine

Open Studios Art Tour 2016

A co-production of Arts Council Santa Cruz County and Good Times.  Open Studios Art Tour is your opportunity to explore creativity in Santa Cruz County. For 31 years, our goal has been simple: connect artists with people who love art. For the first three weekends in October, artists from the redwoods to the bay open…

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Breaking Bamboo: Interview with Gold Panda

Gold Panda

Coming to Santa Cruz all the way from his London-based lair is the trailblazing and internationally acclaimed producer Gold Panda. Although he’s been around since bands were still making it on Myspace, not much is known about the man known for making ethereal, catchy, musical journey-inspiring sample based music. We got the chance to sit…

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Go for Gold: Santa Cruz Music This Week


The Olympics used to include music in its competitions alongside literature, poetry, architecture and painting. While it’s unfortunate that we’ll never get to see Bukowski fight Brautigan for the bronze, or Kanye West and Taylor Swift grapple for gold, you can still award your own medals for greatness this week. So get out there and…

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