Fabled: Interview with Aesop Rock


Every once in awhile in the music industry, an artist comes along who can’t really be considered part of the mainstream, but calling them underground doesn’t feel quite right either. Hip hop artist Aesop Rock falls into this gray area. In a genre where tracks and albums are usually churned out as fast and flashy…

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Weekend Lineup: Santa Cruz Weekly Music


You’d better find one of those inconveniently located change machines, because you’re gonna need coins to flip. We have some hard musical decisions for you to make with a pretty stacked weekend, but isn’t that always a good thing?   Friday, May 6 Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe at Moe’s Alley Karl Denson got his start…

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Legends of Drum & Base: Interview with Terravita


Before EDM exploded and began to dominate the festival, social media and tour circuit, most of the early artists in the genre toiled in relative obscurity. Sure, there were a few faceless giants like DJ Shadow and Tiesto that had huge (mostly European) followings, but the majority were relegated to grimy warehouses and corn fields.…

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Game of Sounds: Santa Cruz Music This Week

Screen shot 2016-04-25 at 1.00.56 PM

Flatbush Zombies, The Movement, The Imperialist, and Ensemble Mik Nawooj are the players. The Catalyst, The Blue Lagoon, The Crepe Place, and Moe’s Alley are the kingdoms they call home. Where will your allegiance lie? Monday, April 25 Flatbush Zombies at The Catalyst After storming the digital gates with their overnight viral video “Thug Waffle”…

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Southern Comfort: Interview with The Movement


Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, The Movement started off like any other band: a few friends, some musical equipment and some inspiration. Besides being from somewhere with nearly zero reggae scene, their origin story is pretty cut and dry. They worked hard, grinding and crafting a great live show that eventually earned them touring gigs…

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Out There: Santa Cruz Music This Week


It seems that whenever it gets hot in Santa Cruz the weirder and more interesting aspects of the city thaw out and put on an extra special display. Whether it’s the talented buskers on Pacific Ave, the humans and animals shredding it up in the ocean or our local characters, people wanna come see what’s going on.…

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Fast Times: Santa Cruz Music This Week


The vibrant music scene in our town can be a blessing and a curse. Even on a “slow week”, when most of the bigger bands are off gallivanting around Coachella, we’ve still got a full plate on our table. When are we supposed to sleep? Thursday, April 14 Death Grips at The Catalyst Whether they’re…

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Volunteer: Earth Day Santa Cruz


We need your help! Volunteer at Earth Day Santa Cruz. Go to scearthday.org/volunteer to sign up! Earth Day Santa Cruz is an annual event to raise environmental awareness; address concerns; showcase solutions; and present balanced modes of living for the well-being of each individual, the community, and the planet. It is a day to celebrate our natural resources…

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Beach Breach: Santa Cruz Music This Week


Thanks to a huge breach in the worldwide musical cartel’s data systems, Good Times has obtained classified information about their plans for the musical domination of Santa Cruz, and if the shows are this good we don’t really have a problem with it. Wednesday, April 6 Freddie Gibbs at The Catalyst One of the most…

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