The Gold Awards 2013

Ready for some good news? Santa Cruz County is still tops, as evidenced by the fact that there are more Gold Award winners this year than ever before. Thanks to our readers who voted for their local favorites across dozens of categories, in every community, (along with a few select choices of our own), we are once again pleased to present the ultimate guide to the best of Santa Cruz County. These are the people, places and things that keep Santa Cruz gold.

Food & Drink – Reader's Picks .html

Food & Drink – Editor's Picks.html

Arts & Culture – Reader's Picks.html

Arts & Culture – Editor's Picks.html

Music & Nightlife – Reader's Picks.html

Music & Nightlife – Editor's Picks.html

Shopping & Services – Reader's Picks.html

Shopping & Services – Editor's Picks.html

Community Life – Reader's Picks.html

Community Life – Editor's Picks.html

Health & Recreation – Reader's Picks.html

Health & Recreation – Editor's Picks.html


  • jen zervas

    Echo Antiques is one in a million…she has the best eye for your home…don’t go for traditional this or that, see what could be via Madam ECHO!!

  • Jean Brocklebank

    Wait a minute!  Its Beach was named “Best Dog Park?” 

    Its Beach (aka Lighthouse Field State Park Beach) is not a legal “dog park.”  In fact, dogs are required to be on leash at Its Beach.  Lack of sufficient enforcement and deliberate violation of the law by dog owners has turned Its Beach into a dog playground, with wildlife disappearing as well as those of us who prefer to experience our beach outings without loose dogs.