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Breathe to Heal: An Evening with Max Strom & Valerie Moselle

About Breathe to Heal: An Evening with Max Strom & Valerie Moselle

Stress and anxiety are ubiquitous in our society, and for many of us it is stifling our happiness, creativity, and intimacy.

Through an evening of dialogue and practice, Max Strom, Valerie's longtime teacher + mentor, will share his core principles of breathing and movement patterns which help alleviate anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders while improving connection, relaxation, and the processing of strong emotions.

Take a deep dive, facilitated by Valerie Moselle, into a world of insight, mind-body awareness and the life-enhancing benefits of your own breath.

Price: $65 in advance/ $75 at door

Please note:
-Wear comfortable clothes to practice in
-Bring a journal
-This workshop is for all levels of experience
-Max's books are available for purchase at Luma and he is happy to sign products after the workshop.

About Max Strom:

Max Strom is a global teacher, speaker, author, and trainer, and is known for profoundly inspiring and impacting the lives of his students for over two decades. His method, Inner Axis, is a field-tested system that address the internal, and emotional, aspects of our life, as well as our physical health and well being. He is the author of; There is No APP for Happiness, and, A Life Worth Breathing. A dynamic speaker, Max has presented at three TEDx events, and keynote addresses for wellness conferences, corporate conferences, and yoga festivals.
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