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Contra Dance

MusicDancedance"live music"
banjo) Christopher Jacoby (accordion Dave Cory (mandolin guitar).Frannie Marr (from Southern California) calls to the music of Audrey Knuth (fiddler from Massachusetts)

About Contra Dance

Contra dance is a traditional New England style of folk dancing, in which each dance is taught and prompted by a caller. Dances are high-energy, creative, playful, social and set to live music. During each dance, partners “progress” up or down the hall, eventually dancing with everyone else in the line. No dancing experience is necessary. Bringing a partner is NOT required.

New dancers are encouraged to attend the lesson 20 minutes before the regular dance. Wear comfortable, non-marking shoes, comfortable loose-fitting light-weight clothing (twirly skirts are great fun too!)

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Contra Dancing and Why We Contra Dance.

video:Contra Dancing and Why We Contra Dance.
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