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HELP! welcomes Dr. Aijaz Ahmed

Santa Cruz Bible Church
Mon Mar 19 6:30pm - 8:30pm Ages: 18+
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About HELP! welcomes Dr. Aijaz Ahmed

Stanford Liver Transplant Director Aijaz Ahmed will speak on fatty liver and alcohol-related liver diseases at the anniversary meeting of the HELP! 3rd-Monday Education Group. Q&A will be open to all liver topics, including hepatitis C.

The talk is free and open to the general public, healthcare providers, liver patients, and support persons. Baby boomers, at higher-than-average risk for hepatitis C, are especially welcomed. Cake will be served.

Help & Education for Liver Patients (HELP!) is an award-winning non-profit organization providing 20 years of patient and caregiver support, resource referral, and counseling at all stages of liver disease, from newly-diagnosed to end-of-life.

Contact C.N. at 462-2979, [email protected], or help4hcv.org.

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