Highway Buddha Combo Casa Noiostra

Ristorante Casa Nostra
Fri Apr 20 6pm Ages: family friendly

About Highway Buddha Combo Casa Noiostra

Lenny Ruckel and Luisa Sandman will join me for a wonderful evening of great Music, Food, and Drinks!
Cool, mellow, and smooth with a repertoire of several hundred of your favorite songs and fun heartfelt Originals.
It takes a truly great artist to take on songs made famous by the Eagles, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Peter Rowan, Bob Marley, and many other classic artists adding his own interpretations and owning the songs. Toby continues to expand his range of expression, paying tribute to some of the founding voices of Motown, Rhythm & Blues, Country, and Rock with beautiful profound results.
Great music and stories! Toby performs regularly at major festivals and concerts along with intimate coffee houses and everything between.