About Hormones Meet Pleasure

Have you seen that woman? You know, the one that looks youthful despite her age. Her skin glows. Her eyes sparkle. She smiles openly. Does she make you smile, too, when you see her? Maybe her sexy persona reminds you of your own va va va voom….or maybe you’re just wishing it did.

Many women wish for the restoration of their long lost libido – often accompanied by decreased sexual function as well (not being able to get aroused like they used to, less toe-curling orgasms, even discomfort and pain with sex). This stuff is way more common than you think, Ladies. Here’s the good news: balancing your hormones can help.

Join Dr. Aimée Gould Shunney, ND, for an exploration into the ways in which dietary & lifestyle strategies, stress management, supplements, herbal medicine, and bio-identical hormones can optimize sexual function and pleasure, while also improving energy, sleep, mood, cognitive function, and even weight. In short, balancing your hormones can help you balance your life!

This class is for all women who are currently managing:

Low libido
Arousal issues
Diminished orgasm
Pain with sex
Poor sleep
Brain fog
Weight gain
Menstrual issues
Hot Flashes

*Walk-in subject to space availability. Pre-registration is recommended to reserve your spot in this informative seminar.
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