Insects Vs. Robots

Insects Vs. RobotsRunson Willis III

About Insects Vs. Robots

Moe's Alley proudly presents the debut performance of INSECTS VS. ROBOTS + Runson Willis III.

Band Members:
Micah Nelson
Milo Gonzalez
Tony Peluso
Jeff Smith
Nikita Sorokin

"IVR is a psychotropicturesque quasi-nomadic music tribe roaming the jungles of Los Angeles. They employ violin, charango, guitar, drums, bass, voice, harp, banjo, kazoo, harmonium, saran wrap, sitar, megaphone, and other sonic confibulations to weave landscapes of otherworldly, folksy, and volcanic rock music. Their performance causes audiences to enter a state of frenzied joyous dancing, leaping, frothing, singing, moshing, and bewilderment. Having entered into their world, I have peered into the strange polyphonic canyons of their realm, and have no choice but to remain and chronicle their journey. I will not be returning to civilization."
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