Jewel Theatre Presents: COMING OF AGE

The Colligan Theater
Wed Mar 14 7:30pm Ages: 18+
J. Michael FlynnMartha BrighamMike RyanNancy Carlin

About Jewel Theatre Presents: COMING OF AGE

Ian is returning from a book tour to visit his elderly father John, a renowned Dickens scholar, and most recently, a grief stricken widower. Ian is alarmed to find John confused and disoriented. He has forgotten Ian was coming, and in fact, seems anxious to get rid of him, not withstanding Ian's 3 hour drive from Manhattan. Has John been having little strokes? Has he deteriorated in the six weeks Ian has been gone? And yet, the house seems strangely tidy. And John is wearing a new tie. This serious comedy by Kate Hawley (COMPLICATIONS FROM A FALL) is an exploration of love and renewal.
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