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Louden Wainwright III - Performs Surviving Twin

Louden Wainwright III

About Louden Wainwright III - Performs Surviving Twin

Hilarious and touching one-man show!

A solo piece many years in the making, Surviving Twin is what the singer-songwriter calls a “posthumous collaboration” with his writer father. Part concert, part dramatic reading, part family slide-show, it is a hybrid theatrical form consisting mainly of songs written by Loudon III, along with readings of magazine columns written by his late father, Loudon Jr., and photographs that span four generations of the Wainwright clan.

“I was the son of the famous LIFE magazine writer Loudon Wainwright. Wasn’t that great? Wasn’t I proud? Those two questions always led to a third, which I invariably asked myself: “How the hell was I going to top that?”

“Combining and connecting my father’s work with my own has been artistically satisfying, and emotionally powerful. On a good night my long gone old man and I engage in a game of creative catch in front of a paying audience. The two of us are getting along better than we ever have.”

Loudon Wainwright III - Surviving Twin (eTown webisode #1309)

video:Loudon Wainwright III - Surviving Twin (eTown webisode #1309)

Surviving Twin (excerpts)

video:Surviving Twin (excerpts)
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