Prodigy Special Film Screening

Hotel Paradox
Thu Jul 19 5:30pm Ages: family friendly

About Prodigy Special Film Screening

The feature directorial debut from co-writers/co-directors Alex Haughey and Brian Vidal has a familiar premise: A misunderstood and unnaturally powerful young girl winds up in the custody of government officials and scientists who have put her on lockdown in order to discover the secret to her abilities and, as a mask for their own fear and hatred of “The Other”, for the safety and security of innocent civilians. The research team’s last ditch effort to crack the highly intelligent, dangerous, and abrasively antagonistic child is to bring in a psychologist who specializes in treating children and brings in some emotional baggage of his own. The “Indie” badge is very strong with Prodigy, for good and for ill, but it succeeds quite well in narrowing the focus to a character level, something big-budget action pics rarely do.

Prodigy wrapped a successful festival run last year, having been accepted to nine festivals. This included trips to international affairs at Cinequest, Sedona, Buffalo, Fantaspoa (in Brazil) and Santa Cruz -- where the film won Best Narrative Feature. Released digitally in March, by the end of it's first weekend, the micro-budgeted indie found itself tangling with blockbusters, as it landed as the #2 SciFi Thriller on iTunes.
The amount of interest in the film was staggering (over 50 reviews), with the tight storytelling and excellent performances praised in reviews from Collider, Bloody Disgusting, Ain't It Cool News, Starburst Magazine, and The Film Stage. The movie has continued to perform well on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Prodigy has garnered more than 40 articles and interviews with big media outlets like The Hollywood Reporter, Latino Review Media, Slashfilm, JoBlo and a host of other outlets. The film has been embraced by the niche Horror and Sci-Fi communities -- sites with large followings like Horror Society, Dread Central, SciFi Now, and Daily Dead.

The film stars Richard Neil, Savannah Liles, Jolene Andersen, Emilio Palame, David Linski, Harvey Q. Johnson, and Aral Gribble. Prodigy also features Director of Photography/Executive Producer Hisonni Johnson.