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Scott Pemberton

About Scott Pemberton

Until you have seen Scott Pemberton play the guitar it is hard to describe what he does. His music comes from the heart, is very danceable and quite honestly, no one plays the guitar like him. He gets regular comparisons to other great musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Dick Dale, and James Brown, but after a brief listen it is clear that Scott has something all his own.
"Classic rock, jazz, psychedelia and everything in between collide and fuse around the notion of discovery that jumps with ease from the composer to the listener…Pemberton is a multi-genre master and a clever lyricist who can convey fun while digging deep"(Willamette Week)
Scott is a Portland native and has supported himself solely with the guitar since the age of 19. Until recently, he followed the customary path of playing sessions, teaching lessons and performing in lots of bands. Not long ago he had an encounter with death that changed that path entirely.
The incident is a blur. Two years ago, bike met car. Doctors said Pemberton was unlikely to live. If he did, he might never speak again. Days later, Pemberton snapped to. After time, he started to play music again. He saw his path.
When Scott returned to playing the guitar it was as if he had been reborn, playing with a new focus of intensity and joy that can only come from someone who has faced death. He returned to intense practice from a beginners mind, as though he hadn't played the guitar before, redefining how he approached music and the instrument. The mastery of his guitar playing combined with the fun recklessness of his songwriting show that the rules of songwriting and playing the guitar no longer exist for him. Scott plays with the uninhibited joy and intensity of someone who recognizes that every time we make music is an honor and a gift.
-"No one plays guitar like Pemberton" -Steve Berlin (Los Lobos)
-"It's not every day we get to see a real, live guitar god in action." -Fly Magazine (Pennsylvania)
-"A wildly creative virtuoso."
-"It's like Ween meets Hendrix, but completely original" -Boise Weekly
-"Virtuosic and brilliant" -Glide Magazine
-"A multi-genre master and a clever lyricist who can convey joy while digging deep." -Willamette Week
-"Electro-aware but blues-based, full of shreddy delights"
-"At a festival FULL of guitarists (Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival 2013), none played like Pemberton or was as fun to watch" -The Oregonian

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