About Shrinking Shores

Look at that nice warm sand on the beach. Isn’t it inviting? Well, enjoy it while it lasts. By 2100, without collective global efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions, California’s coastline probably won’t have much sand left to build a castle, plant an umbrella or bury your toes because of sea level rise.

On Saturday, June 9 from 10:30 AM-1:30 AM the City of Santa Cruz and its local partner organizations will be hosting an informational event about sea-level rise at Cowells Beach! We will start off the day with a beach clean-up at Cowells Beach at 9:00 AM and then at 10:30 am there will be a dramatic illustration of projected shoreline locations between now and the end of the century across Cowells and Main Beach! The event will include information behind the projected rises, what the City and its partner organizations are doing about it, and will invite you to join the City’s planning for a coordinated response to sea level rise.

Free Event