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The Basics of Programming with LED Pixels Part 2

Idea Fab Labs
Thu Nov 16 6pm Ages: family friendly

About The Basics of Programming with LED Pixels Part 2

Want to keep learning the basics of programming and Arduino? This class offers people the opportunity to dive deeper into the fundamentals of C++ in a fun and sensory rich way through LED Pixel pattern building via Arduino.

Overall, we will cover variables, functions, operators, basics of working with Arduino and it’s Development Environment (IDE), ‘IF’ statements, ‘FOR’ loops, and other relevant tools for making lights do fun things.

Skills Covered:

C++ variables, functions, operators, logic statements, and loops.
By the end of the course we will have produced a “polling” led pattern setup that is controlled by knobs and buttons.
The student should understand how to put data into variables [instantiation], write simple functions, understand basic operators [=,==,+,-,>,=,
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