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The Buddha's Mindfulness - A 6-Week Class

Satellite Telework Centers
Mon Mar 20 7pm - 9pm every Monday Ages: 18+
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About The Buddha's Mindfulness - A 6-Week Class


The Foundations of Awareness-based Meditation
6-Week Class, Mondays, 7-9 PM, March 20 - April 24
The Satellite, 6265 CA-9, Felton, CA 95018
TEACHER: Carla Brennan
Bloom of the Present Insight Meditation

Mindfulness is popular today. You see it offered everywhere: hospitals, schools, corporations, even in the military. But where did the teachings of mindfulness come from? Although many traditions have mindful practices, the form that is most commonly taught comes from Buddhism.

We all seek greater happiness and want to avoid suffering. Yet most of us are not sure how to achieve this and instead engage in habits that seem to cause more struggle, making contentment and peace elusive.

Mindfulness brings greater flexibility in responding to the inevitable stresses of life. We can learn to meet all experience - including illness, chronic pain, loss, unhealthy habits, and anxiety - with understanding. We can begin to relax into the present, living with more ease.

This class will explore some of the Buddha’s instructions and explanations of mindfulness from the Satipattanna Sutta, called the “The Four Foundations of Mindfulness.” Each week we will learn about these foundations and how they can be applied in daily life.

This class will include instructions, meditations sessions, group discussion, Q & A. You will receive a guided audio and readings weekly and be expected to meditate daily.

Mindfulness is part of a larger group of teachings in Buddhism that can lead to spiritual maturity, increased compassion and inner freedom. These qualities contribute to more peace in our lives and in the world around us.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED: Email Betsy Blessing at: [email protected] Please only register if you can attend at least 5 of the 6 sessions. Make sure you put the specific class in the subject line so she knows which class you are registering for.

CARLA BRENNAN is the guiding teaching for Bloom of the Present Insight Meditation ( She has been practicing meditation for 42 years in the Theravada, Zen and Tibetan Traditions.

COST: This 6-week class will be offered by donation. We have a suggested sliding scale of $80 – $250. However, more or less is gratefully accepted. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Non-monetary donations are also accepted.