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World Sound Healing Day

Santa Cruz Surfing Museum
Wed Feb 14 12pm - 12:30pm Ages: family friendly
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All of US!

About World Sound Healing Day

World Sound Healing Day
Meet at Santa Cruz Lighthouse, West Cliff Dr.
We begin sounding at 12 noon, so please come early to park and meet us on the cliff.
Bring your sound healing instruments, loving voices, open hearts.
Let’s harmonize with the whales & dolphins to
* Heal Our Planet!
* Heal Our Waters!
* Raise Our Consciousness!
Michele Newman - Sing Your Soul Song
If you don't live in the Monterey Bay Area, listen online to Prominent Sound Healer,
Jonathan Goldman, 11am-1pm ET
World Sound Healing Day Radio Show ~ Global Harmonization
“We heal the planet, we heal ourselves. We heal ourselves and we heal the planet!”
Indeed, we can make a difference. It is our choice.
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Free Event