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WISDOM CENTER MOVIE SERIES! 4th Friday of the Month
“A strange, funny, sad, happy, moving, wonderful film!”
A death has occurred in a Buddhist temple, but in order to solve the crime, the nameless detective in charge of the investigation must let go of his logic and rely on the intuitive,
non-linear world of Zen in director Marc Rosenbush’s abstruse comic mystery. Still in mourning from the recent loss of his wife, he quickly realizes that he will not be able to rely on his usual investigatory procedures and must alter his line of thinking to better reflect his surroundings. But the murder isn’t the only mystery here, and as the disheartened detective feels the presence of his deceased wife hanging thick in the monastery air, he soon realizes that there is a much deeper and intensely personal mystery to be solved.
A film by Marc Rosenbush
$5-10 donation to benefit: Joru Foundation

Zen Noir Trailer.

video:Zen Noir Trailer.
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