Enter to win a pair of tickets to Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music’s performance of ‘Con Brio’ at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium on Friday, August 11, 2017. The show starts at 8 p.m.

The second weekend of the Cabrillo Festival kicks off with works by William BolcomGerald BarryJorg Widdman and Cindy McTee.

National Medal of Arts, Pulitzer Prize, and Grammy Award-winner William Bolcom’s short, one-movement workSymphony No. 9, gets its West Coast premiere under the baton of Maestro Măcelaru. Bolcom wanted this piece to be intentionally short, as his final statement in the symphonic form. Of this work Bolcom writes, “Our current world situation is the most stressful I can remember in our country or elsewhere since my childhood, but it was brewing full force already when I wrote the Ninth. The recent disastrous elections here and in the UK are only part of the fallout of what I already felt — an elemental war between two bitterly opposing forces. There is ample reason for despair, but I still believe in the ‘still, small voice.’ The formal shape of this one-movement Ninth Symphony generates from the opposing forces in battle, both ranked against that voice. My hope is in the voice’s quiet recurring statement; may it prevail.”

Irish composer Gerald Barry’s witty Piano Concerto receives its US premiere with celebrated pianist Jason Hardinkperforming. The concerto “takes conventional concerto rhetoric and stands it on its head, cramming it into a 25-minute single movement as a careering series of no-holds-barred confrontations between the piano, with its weaponry of forearm clusters, torrents of repeated notes and rare precious moments of utter calm” writes The Guardian (UK).

Maestro Măcelaru leads the Festival Orchestra in German composer Jörg Widmann’s Con Brio, translated into “with fire” or “with spirit.” An ‘exercise in fury and rhythmic insistence,’ Con Brio was composed with a knowing wink towards 19th-century Romanticism. Critic Georgia Rowe wrote of this work, “(Con Brio) incorporates material from Beethoven’s 7th and 8th symphonies in a kaleidoscopic scheme. Familiar phrases are sliced and diced, leaving jagged edges everywhere: bows strike strings, woodwinds chirp in protest and brass instruments stutter in a series of tense episodes broken by abrupt cuts. The piece ends quietly, but it produces a small universe of sound throughout its 12-minute span” (San Francisco Classical Voice).

The program closes with award-winning composer Cindy McTee’s Symphony No 1: Ballet for Orchestra. This captivating work is composed of four movements, which embrace various dance styles and draw inspiration from famous scores of balletic pedigree. McTee writes, “Music is said to have come from dance – from the rhythmic impulses of men and women. Perhaps this explains my recent awareness of the inherent relationships between thought, feelings, and action – that the impulse to compose often begins as a rhythmical stirring and leads to a physical response – tensing muscles, gesturing with hands and arms, or quite literally, dancing.”

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