Bad Religion in Santa Cruz: Need We Say More?


The year is 1979 and around the sprawling suburbs of Los Angeles, three high school friends, Greg Gaffin, Brett Gurewitz and Jay Bentley decide to form a punk band. Developing their own musical style while playing warehouses in Santa Ana and opening for bands like Social Distortion, the self-described, ‘insurgent teenage punks,’ would come to…

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The Best of Reggae-Fusion Comes to Santa Cruz


Fusing California roots reggae with hip-hop, jazz and a bit of punk, Dewey and the Peoples is a hybrid wonder for a new generation of music lovers. Equally hard-hitting and inspired, the Bay Area-based five-piece is making waves up and down the coast, delivering captivating performances that rarely leave feet on the ground. Dewey and…

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Brazilian Carnaval Comes to Santa Cruz


Rio de Janeiro may have wrapped up their annual Carnaval celebration, but in Santa Cruz the party has yet to begin. On Saturday, February 28, the Brazilian Carnaval Tour stops at Moe’s Alley for a night of dance, drumming, and all-star music performances. Dancehall legend, Pato Banton will perform his new fusion project with the…

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Mountain Tamer Sets Phasers to Jam


Never mind the Star Trek reference, Santa Cruz’s psychedelic outfit, Mountain Tamer is the real deal, playing classic rock with an interstellar twist during high energy live performances that keep the audience entranced from beginning to end. Consisting of lifelong jam partners, Andru Hall (guitar/vocals) and Dave Teget (bass), with Casey Garcia on drums, Mountain…

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The Skinny on Good Fats


Why has fat gotten such a bad rap? According to numerous researchers, the reduction of essential fats in the modern American diet has been a major cause of imbalance and inflammation – the underpinnings of many common chronic diseases, but fat continues to be vilified and targeted in many popular diet regimes. Local nutritional consultant…

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