A client of recent “Wellness” subject Dr. Shunney, writes in to share what diet changes saved his life. Meanwhile, “Tom Tomorrow” offends a reader, and everyone agrees ending homelessness is a good idea.

Proof of Intent?

I was very disappointed in your choice of Tom Tomorrow’s twisted cartoon on the Second Amendment (Feb. 20). In these difficult times, let us not be distracted and confused by propagandistic manipulations which are the antithesis of mindful thinking, and look at the original intention of the Second Amendment:

“The strongest reason for a people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”-Thomas Jefferson.

As Obama enlarges his Drone Assassination List of robotic death from above and the criminal banker elite rob many American families openly for fun and profit, this quote from the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States speaks far better to us on the subject than Mr. Tomorrow’s cartoon. You might also watch the new documentary Hubris from MSNBC and see why the above quote by Thomas Jefferson is just as important today as it was in 1776, and is certainly nothing to make jokes about.

Drew Lewis

Santa Cruz

It’s always fun to invoke Thomas Jefferson, and we understand that. The problem with the above quote, like so many attributed to some important historical figure in order to lend weight to one’s argument, is that Jefferson never actually said it. The quote first showed up in an op-ed piece in 1989, and no one knows where the author got it. It has been floating around since, despite no record of it in any of Jefferson’s speeches, papers or letters. So maybe it is worth a chuckle after all?—Editor

Safe Houses

Re: “Ten By Ten” (Briefs, Feb. 20): Every night, there are approximately 2,700 homeless individuals in Santa Cruz County. Chronically homeless individuals live 30 years less than the average American. A typical monthly public cost to support a homeless individual is 5x higher than permanent housing. Chronic homelessness causes human suffering and poor use of public funds.

The Homeless Services Center’s revolutionary [180/180 Project] aims to transform 180 individuals’ lives, while shifting how we address homelessness. To volunteer, visit 

Jennafer Lane and

Sydney Farhang

Santa Cruz



Re: “Back to Basics.html” (Wellness, Feb. 6): “I think one of the biggest travesties of modern medicine is that nutrition has somehow become alternative medicine,” says Shunney.

Absolutely! I suffered deteriorating health and chronic inflammation for several difficult years. I saw a handful of recommended rheumatologists, a dozen neurologists (severe pain) and other modern specialists.  Spent thousands of dollars on unnecessary surgeries, emergency room visits, etc.  Finally, being little more than the walking dead, I saw Dr. Shunney and she gave me my life back.   In my case, it was gluten and dairy intolerance combined with too much sugar.   It was killing me and I had no idea. 

Curt Chaffee


Launch Special

Re: “Sole Power” (Wellness, Dec. 19): “Orbiting planet Bliss.html” is one of the many reasons why I have been getting Botanical Reflexology from Christine since she started her practice. She is so passionate about what she does and is incredibly knowledgeable about so many aspects of the human body.

Barbara Neill

  • Jim Coffis

    I appreciate your debunking of the Jefferson quote but am curious why you would print a letter that’s based on a blatant falsehood in the first place?

  • Robert marsh

    It’s about time to repeal the 2nd Amendment. It has long out lived its original intent. I do not think the average family needs an m16, a military issue 45 or an Uzi.. At the time of the passage of the 10 amendments, the deadlliest rifle was a single loading musket, alight year difference from an assault rifle.