Oh, it’s been so very long since the Doobie Brothers were in town (but not that long…).

Memory Still Sharp After Doobies

Congratulations to the Blues Festival folks for their 20-year run. Your article last week (“Big Blue Ball,” A&E.html) stated that the Doobie Brothers have not played a Santa Cruz concert in over 20 years. In fact, they headlined the Fat Fry Festival at Aptos Village Park, the same venue as the Blues Fest, on Sept. 26, 1999, less than 13 years ago. Fat Fry fans will especially remember two other artists on that bill, Derek Trucks and the Radiators, who jammed together on a hot Chicago blues number.

Enda Brennan

Santa Cruz


Oh, For Pitta’s Sake!

[RE: “Pitta For A Pittance,” Wellness, Feb. 22]: If cooking with coconut oil can move my lymph and stimulate my blood song, I'm all for it. I suggest eye of newt and wing of bat makes a fine brain juice as well. Joe Bob says, “Check it out.”

Awaiting a clue to my blood song,

Kathy Cheer

Santa Cruz


From The Web

Defender o’ Democracy

[RE: “Water Customers Want To Be Included in Desal Vote.html,” Feb. 28]: Thank you to Supervisor Leopold for raising the issue of full democratic inclusion into the issue of water ratepayers having full voting rights on the matter of developing a desalination plant in the City of Santa Cruz.

Such a plant and therefore a vote will affect all ratepayers, not just those in the city limits.

I appreciate the Supervisor looking into how mid-county water customers can raise their voice on this issue.

Nora Hochman


Flunk Geography Much?

[RE: “The New Santa Cruz Mountain Winemakers.html,” Feb. 28]: Interesting article, and great to see Denis Hoey, Lindsey Otis and Mica Raas get some much-needed publicity for their work in the local wine industry. Just curious how Mr. Likitprakong, whose winery and wines are all made in Healdsburg, and who simply uses some grapes from this area, is an emerging Santa Cruz winemaker? There are no other young and upcoming winemakers that could have been featured?

Curious Wine Enthusiast

More Like Him, Please

[RE: “The New Santa Cruz Mountain Winemakers: Mica Raas.html,” Feb. 28]: What a bad ass.  This is the type of spirit that Santa Cruz needs more of!




In last week’s Currents (“Let My People Vote”), we misstated the district represented by County Supervisor John Leopold. He represents District 1. We also misspelled the last name of Santa Cruz Water District Director Bill Kocher. We regret the errors.

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