Elegy for James D. Houston

Jim Houston

Where does a writer begin a story? My friend James D. (“Jim”) Houston, a mentor and colleague, a literary father figure and cultural signpost—for Santa Cruz and California, for the entire Pacific Rim—is no longer here to answer that question, a circumstance that at this moment remains difficult to grasp.

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NPR’s Science Guy Visits Alma Mater

Richard Harris is here to discuss Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s talk, “Our Environmental Legacy."

Although NPR science reporter and UCSC alum Richard Harris is in town to discuss the dangers of climate change, there are some things ‘round these parts he doesn’t mind hot. “I must say I always drive down Mission and see if Ferrell’s donuts is still around,” he says. “The old fashioned came out at 10:30 at night and we used to get them piping hot.

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Whale Heads for Her Final Resting Place

Gray whale carcass is lifted to a tow truck for passage to dump.

Last week when the battered carcass of a yearling gray whale was plucked from the beach by tow trucks and spirited away on a flatbed, some locals were incensed that the majestic—albeit rank—creature was on its way to the Dimeo Lane dump. But it may not be that bad. “A lot of people haven’t been to our landfill,” says wharf supervisor Dan Buecher. “That whale is in its own grave, by itself, and actually has a view.

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