The Santa Cruz real estate market continues to show tremendous promise as the year progresses. While the housing market in the Santa Cruz area appeared to show a slight decline toward the middle of the spring season, time has shown that the brief decline was more of a stabilizing factor of the market rather than a factor to be concerned about.

Those looking to the move to the Santa Cruz area need not worry about the decline, new housing communities have been built and are continuing to be built to meet the continually increasing demand for homes in this ever-growing paradise in sunny California.

Although the market is doing very well in beautiful Santa Cruz, water restrictions have many buyers and sellers concerned. Many suspect that these restrictions and concerns are the driving force that affected the market and caused the slight down shift in the spring. Potential homebuyers in the Santa Cruz area need not worry too much as these down periods in the market are not affected by the water restrictions greatly. The negative effects initially caused by the California water shortage have leveled out in most parts of California and parts of the Santa Cruz area are even seeing exceptional levels of growth once again.

As the year continues to progress, the Santa Cruz market shows great promise for continued growth. The slight decreases seen in the market earlier this spring have acted as more of a leveling force rather than a circumstance to be concerned over and many expect the market to maintain at a healthy state. Those looking to move to Santa Cruz can rest assured that this dream city is still possible to become a reality for many as new housing communities continue to be built and the city continues to grow to meet with the demand of hopeful residents.

Alexis Breitkreutz is an analyst for New Home Source.

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