Pop-Up Cards at Makers Factory

Just wait til we take the glitter to this thing. Photo by Samantha Larson.

The new Makers Factory—installed in its Cruzio building offices for two weeks now—invites the Santa Cruz community to drop by their downtown space for their first public event: making personalized lasercut holiday popup cards and decorations.
“Popup cards are a traditional form of greeting card,” says Makers Factory co-founder Chris Yonge. “The problem is that they require some planning and they require some skill and handiwork.”

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Gift Guide: The 12 Crazes of Christmas

We have just one question: Why?

The fad gift phenomenon may seem like little more than a horrifying distillation of American consumer culture. There are the high prices, the long lines and those family members who went to bed early on Thanksgiving night only to wake up early and strangle the other toy-grabbing moms the next morning in a show of how much they love their kids. But the fad trend is bigger than that.

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Gift Guide: Service Robots

Siri, the iPhone 4S “personal assistant,” makes a great Christmas gift, and not just because she’s helpful. If you’re a tech-savvy asshole (or just curious), you probably already know how the sassy robot voice responds to questions like “What are you wearing?” or “When do you menstruate?” Of course, poor Siri isn’t the first bionic being to suffer indignity in the name of progress. Here’s a list of some other ’bots that have served us doggedly over the years—no matter what we subject them to—for that person in your life who just needs something to abuse.

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Gift Guide: Locally Made

Fogline Farms chutneys and achars: one for you, two for me...

Most people will love and appreciate the unnecessary material good you’ve carefully selected—it’s the thought that counts, anyway, right? But when it comes to the impassioned activist on your list, holiday shopping becomes a little more challenging. For the Occupier in the family, there is only one type of gift that will flatter and please without offending their anti-corporate, nonconsumerist and eco-conscious values: the made-in-Santa Cruz gift. This guide locates some nifty locally made gifts anyone can feel warm and fuzzy about giving or receiving.

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