Home Economics of Walnut Commons

The 19-unit complex is slated for a surprisingly diminutive piece of asphalt at Walnut and Center.

If all goes according to plan, Sue Lawson will leave her home in La Selva Beach, where she’s been 32 years, for a new place where she hopes to really get to know the people around her. Lawson intends to move into a proposed 19-unit housing complex that’s up for a city council vote July 24. It would include a community kitchen and activity room—all in the name of getting to know the people next door a little better. “This is why it’s called an intentional community,” the 74-year-old Lawson says. “We meet once a week, and our building isn’t even going to be built for a year and a half.”

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Desal EIR Delayed Again

The environmental impact report for the Santa Cruz desal plant, originally due September 2011, has been delayed a second time. Now city staff has given up on estimating specific months and instead started ballparking seasons.

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