Musings on a sunny Santa Cruz weekend.

1.     You are sitting outside at the Bagelry and you didn’t even complain when your husband steered you toward the shade to read, even though the only thing you hate more than being sunburned is sitting in the shade.

2.     The guy with the gyrfalcon perched on his leather-gloved arm who is causing a mild commotion in the parking lot is in a T-shirt. At least that’s how you remember it on Monday.

3.     Going to the Fungus Fair, which you were looking forward to, seems like a ridiculous idea now because it would mean going inside on this lovely day, and because they must have had to import many of the mushrooms, which just seems sad.

4.     The UCSC girls are wearing tiny miniskirts with tights, and you try to decide if it’s cute or slutty. Cute, slutty, cute, slutty. Do their grandmothers know they are dressing like this?

5.     Did your grandmother figure, when your college boyfriend’s voice showed up on the outgoing message, that you two were doing it? Do grandmothers know more than they let on? Or do they just withhold judgment?

6.     The snake around the neck of the girl who is with the guy holding the gyrfalcon is sliding happily all over her shoulder and arms. Since snakes are cold-blooded, this suggests it’s warm outside. At least it seems like a plausible theory.

7.     You roll down the windows on the way to the beach.

8.     At the beach, husband, discovering he has forgotten his shorts, considers fashioning a sarong from his shirt. He rolls up his pants instead.

9.     The sand is warm when you take off your flip-flops.

10.     While watching the sanderlings and sandpipers skittering across the wet sand of the tidal zone you fall asleep, and when you wake up you’re thirsty and drink some water and the two of you discuss going for a walk, but it takes some time before you actually get around to it.