Boundless Anatomy and Yoga with Kathy Páez

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About Boundless Anatomy and Yoga with Kathy Páez

Join seasoned teacher Kathy Páez for an in-depth practice with an anatomy slideshow and learn how to engage with your unique skeletal variations as relevant to pigeon pose.

This workshop features:

2 hours in a Vinyasa & Yin Yoga practice with eka pada rajakapotasana as a peak pose.
1 hour in Anatomy; main muscles and bones associated to segments of movement in this pose.
1 hour in Theory of skeletal variation. Learn how your bones are unique and affect how a pose
looks and feels.

Journey through a class of creatively sequenced Vinyasas towards a peak pose of pigeon - eka pada rajakapotasana.

Starting and finishing the class with a Yin Yoga approach, we will engage Yin poses to warm up your fascia and as a cool down for your muscles. Get your blood pumping to a juicy, long, middle of the class flow.

Theory of anatomical variation will be presented with a power point presentation and skeleton assistant Brave Bones, going over the main muscles required to achieve pigeon pose. Learn one by one the muscles and their role in
this pose. Deeper observation of bone structure helps to understand the bounded and yet boundless amount of variations one pose can have.

Tuition: $50 pre-event, $55 at the door

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