Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping

Watsonville Yoga, Dance and Healing Arts
Sun Apr 28 1:30pm - 3pm Ages: family friendly
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About Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Tapping, is facilitated by
Patricia Costa, MA. Patricia, a Certified EFT Practitioner, will show you how to identify where stress lives in your body, how to address it directly by tapping on your meridian points and to communicate to the amygdala - the part of the brain that regulates fight or flight response - that it is safe to relax.

By tapping away the negativity, you will feel lighter. Then you can input the positive, telling the subconscious mind what you do want in your life.

These tapping techniques are taking off in schools, workplace, wellness programs, and rehabilitative groups because they directly address the way we feel in our bodies when we are suffering and shows how to unhook the mental concepts associated with stress as it lives in the nervous system and in our tissues. It is possible to empower yourself, to heal, to feel better, to be more open to others , and to your own life potential! Come experience this step up in your self-care, self-esteem, and non-dual compassion.

An effective and scientifically sound way to relieve stress, trauma, and emotions in the body that lead to imbalance, EFT is good for anyone of any age, any physical situation. This class will involve gentle self-healing movements done while seated.

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