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Food as Medicine

Luminous Healing Center
Sat Feb 22 10:30am - 1pm Ages: 18+
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About Food as Medicine

Luminous Healing Center Event
Food as Medicine: Healing Trauma in the Body through Nutrition
Many people understand that stress takes a toll on the body. But what if it goes deeper than that? Untreated trauma can be stored in the body, which chronically activates the stress response system and could have significant negative impacts on health. Research indicates that 70% of adults have experienced at least one traumatic experience in their lifetime. Trauma sets the stage for ongoing physical and psychological distress, possibly for the rest of the person’s life.

There is hope for a different way of living. Through mental health treatment and body-based practices, trauma can be resolved and released. The philosophy of Food as Medicine is utilized in conjunction with trauma therapy to calm the nervous system, balance the body, restore health, and improve quality of life.

Whether you are a mental health provider, nutritionist/dietitian, or personal survivor of trauma - this workshop is for you! Learn how to bring the body back into balance through the medicinal effects of proper nutrition.

Workshop participants will come away from this workshop with a deeper understanding of:
* How trauma impacts the body and affects weight, food choices, and eating behaviors.
* The process of healing our relationship with food and the body.
* Food as Medicine: How food and supplements can help repair the impact of trauma

Workshop Cost: $45

Speaker Biography
Naia Riley Cook, BS, RDN. | San Francisco |
(415) 931.3731 | [email protected]
Naia Riley Cook is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who specializes in eating disorder treatment and trauma-informed nutrition. She has long been interested in the intersection between body and mind, which has culminated in her practicing as a Nutritional Therapist, a provider who understands the deep link between mental and physical health. Naia combines evidence-based nutrition procedures with an integrative approach that addresses the toll of a person’s entire life experience on their health. She is also trained to lead trauma-sensitive movement practices, including yoga and dance, to promote the resolution and release of stored trauma in the body.
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