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Leadership in Times of Change

Peace United Church of Christ, Santa Cruz
Wed Jan 11 10am - 5pm Ages: family friendly
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About Leadership in Times of Change

Dave Ellis, a renowned leadership coach and workshop facilitator, has gifted the Diversity Center with a full day training for us and our partners. This training will spark a bigger conversation about what's next for our community and our Center.

Several practical and useful success strategies will be presented and practiced during this day-long interactive workshop. The twelve success strategies from Dave Ellis book Falling Awake can be use at work and at home to create a more wonderful life by your definition.

During this workshop you will be encouraged in several ways to ask yourself the life-changing question, What do I really want? When you do, miracles can happen for you and the people you care about.

You will be supported invent, discover, organize, and prioritize your deepest desires so you can spend most of your time, energy, and money on actions that produce the life you really want.

The purpose of the day will be:

1. for you to fully engage and enhance your creativity,
2. for you to identify the future you desire by exploring your deepest truths, and
3. for you to walk away with specific and practical ways to accomplish the future you want.
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