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Nick Danger and the Lava Lounge

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Nick Danger and the Lava Lounge

About Nick Danger and the Lava Lounge

Hometown musicians have come together to form "Nick Danger and The Lava Lounge," the band features a "fab five" of alumni from Watsonville High 1978-1980.

Nick Alaga, Shep Kett and Doug Pohorski are all from the Class of 80, John Rosewall 79, and Skip Esch 78, they are former members of The Dwellers, Nocturnal, and Teaser.

Their style of music has changed over the years. These days they are more focused on Americana/Folk, including some Jimmy Buffet, John Prine, Warren Zevon, and others. You’ll also enjoy some story telling and original songs of the sea, brothers in arms, life and love…and maybe some old favorites from their early days…

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