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Preacher Boy at El Vaquero Winery

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Preacher Boy

About Preacher Boy at El Vaquero Winery

Preacher Boy mines the dark edges of Contemporary Blues and Americana with his signature raspy voice, virtuoso National slide guitar playing, and darkly poetic lyrics. From his genre-bending debut on Blind Pig Records to his latest album on Coast Road Records—his 13th overall—this relentlessly pioneering artist continues to both honor and extend the country blues traditions that inspire him, while infusing his sound with influences ranging from punk rock to political folk. Of hIs boot-pounding live performances, Santa Cruz’s Good Times had this to say: “As he beats his long leather boot, four to the floor, his National steel guitar slides and spits a devious storm of gothic Americana and gritty country blues.” Melody Maker described his sound as: “Country blues that marry Nick Cave, Robert Johnson, Woody Guthrie and Tom Waits,” and legendary music publication MOJO declared that, “Preacher Boy is a songwriter of startling originality.”

Enjoy the music and enjoy El Vaquero Winery's delicious Santa Cruz Mountains wines. For food we will have My Mom's Molé serving up traditional Mexican cuisine.

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