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Ornithology - Concert 5
An aviary featuring Vaughan Williams, Aaron Copland, world premiers by Chris Pratorius-Gómez, and other birds

Celebrating the connections between birds and music, this concert will present representations of our winged neighbors. The achingly beautiful The Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams and the Lou Harrison gem Songs in the Forest, a three movement set imbued with his famous lyricism and rhythmic vitality, will be performed. Special guests Ariose Singers, conducted by Camille Couture, will present the charming Le chant des oiseaux, a famous French madrigal. Ariose will also premiere 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, a setting of the pithy poem by Wallace Stevens, composed by concert director Chris Pratorius-Gómez.

Other chirps will include the little known but lush Fairyland by English composer Holbrooke, Vaughan Williams’ lovely 6 Studies in English Folk Song and another premiere, a fantasy on Charlie Parker’s Ornithology, where the classic be-bop tune will be transfigured into a serene meditation accompanied by recordings of birds from throughout Santa Cruz County.
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