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Sergio's Love Bites Italian Cooking Experience, December 8

About Sergio's Love Bites Italian Cooking Experience, December 8

Sergio's Love Bites
Passing family recipes and cooking techniques from my grandmothers to you!


The Holidays are here, and with a joyful holiday spirit I am happy to announce a new Experience for Sundary, 12/8.


This Experience will focus on preparing a festive meal where the famous Piedmontese ravioli are the centerpiece.

My passion for cooking and my heritage of regional recipes from Piedmont, Italy, are the perfect starting point to make YOU a happy and accomplished Italian cook, too.

As important today as it was to my Nonnas (grandmothers), the priority for our events is using fresh, local ingredients in our dishes. The menu for the Dec 6th event is:

Insalata d'Inverno (Winter Salad with Boiled Potatoes, Carrot, Onion, and Fennel)
Involtini di Cavolo e Carne (Cabbage Leaves Rolled and Filled with Meat)

Agnolotti alla Piemontese (Traditional Piedmontese Ravioli)
1. Preparing the traditional filling
2. Mixing the dough
3. Rolling the dough into sheets with the hand-cranked pasta machine
4. Shaping and filling the ravioli using the ravioli tablet
5. Making the traditional Christmas Ravioli Sauce

Spezzatino di Manzo (Steer Pot Roast with Winter Vegetables)
Purea di Pastinaca e Patate (Parsnip Mashed Potatoes)

Paste 'd Melia (Piedmontese Cornmeal Butter Cookies)
Vin Brulè (Piedmontese Mulled Wine)

Please RSVP to 408-421-5089. Cost is $75/person (a portion of the proceedings will be donated to charities). Checks can be made to Sergio's Love Bites and mailed to Sergio Camerlo, 248 Swanton Blvd., Santa Cruz, CA 95060 or venmo to [email protected] Event Location: 248 Swanton Blvd., Santa Cruz, CA 95060. You may bring your own adult beverage if you like.

Welcome, have fun, and... buon appetito!!!
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