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Sergio's Love Bites Italian Cooking Experience, January 18 Bagna Caoda and Fondue Workshop

About Sergio's Love Bites Italian Cooking Experience, January 18 Bagna Caoda and Fondue Workshop

Passing family recipes and cooking techniques from my grandmothers to you!


The Holidays have just left us, and Winter is far from over! The Sierra mountains, wrapped in a white blanket, remind me of my childhood in Piedmont during the long winters...

These memories bring me to announce a Winter Experience for Saturday January 18:


This Experience will take us through the history and execution of two old meals that date back to the Middle Ages (!!) and were typical of the Alpine villages of the Northwestern-most part of Italy. We will focus on preparing a very traditional winter meal.

The menu for the January 18th event is:

Involtini di Cavolo e Carne (Cabbage Leaves Filled with Meat)

1. Fonduta della Valle d'Aosta (Aosta Valley Cheese Fondue)
2. Bagna Caoda (Traditional Piedmontese Hot-Oil Sauce)
a. Preparing the veggies that need to be cooked
b. Preparing the veggies to be eaten raw
c. Preparing the meats
d. Making the Hot Sauce (Bagna Caoda)
e. Preparing the s-cionfetta (old style chafing dish)
f. Meal origins and tradition

Accompagnamenti (Sides)
Verdure Fresche e Cotte (Fresh and Cooked Veggies)
Carni Fresche (Raw Meats)

Gran Finale
Uova Strapazzate (Eggs Scrambled in the Bagna Caoda Pot)

Caffè alla Valdostana (Traditional Valle d'Aosta Fortified Coffee)

My passion for cooking and my heritage of regional recipes from Piedmont, Italy, are the perfect starting point to make YOU a happy and accomplished Italian cook, too.

As important today as it was to my Nonnas (grandmothers), the priority for our events is using fresh, local ingredients in our dishes.

Welcome, have fun, and... buon appetito!!! I so hope you can enjoy an afternoon in the company of other "foodies" interested in learning new cuisines.


P.S. Please RSVP by January 13th; seats are guaranteed after payment is received. Cost is $75/person (a portion of the proceedings will be donated to charities). Checks can be made to Sergio's Love Bites and mailed to Sergio Camerlo, 248 Swanton Blvd., Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Or Venmo to venmo to [email protected] Event Location: 248 Swanton Blvd., Santa Cruz, CA 95060.
You may Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) if you like. Adults only. Please, no pets/animals.
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