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Seymour Center Labside Chats: A Conversation with a Scientist

Seymour Marine Discovery Center
Thu Mar 25 11am Ages: family friendly
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Suzanne Alonzo

About Seymour Center Labside Chats: A Conversation with a Scientist

Dive into the wonderful, curious, and sometimes bizarre world of marine science! Join the Seymour Center for a live conversation with a UC Santa Cruz scientist to gain deeper insight into their field of study and what fuels their passion for discovering the unknown.

Visit the Seymour Center's website to submit your questions in advance for each scientist, and to watch the live conversations.

Tune in for the next Labside Chat with Suzanne Alonzo, professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UC Santa Cruz, on Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 11:00 AM PDT. Explore the evolution and expression of mating and reproductive behaviors of fishes.

Join the conversation! Submit your questions in advance for Suzanne, then watch the conversation to hear the answers during the live chat. Help us put together questions such as:

* What type of research is needed to understand the evolution of fishes’ reproductive traits?
* Do social interactions influence fish sexual selection and behavior?
* How does understanding reproductive traits and behaviors of fish relate to conservation and management?

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Free Event

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