Speak For Change with Sarah Cruse & Thomas Sage Pedersen

Tue Dec 7 7pm Ages: family friendly
Sarah CruseThomas Sage Pedersen

About Speak For Change with Sarah Cruse & Thomas Sage Pedersen

Sarah Cruse joins Thomas Sage Pedersen for the next Speak for Change Podcast live show, exploring emergence: the process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed. Sarah will begin with a performance exploring the sound of emergence, by improvising and exploring the energy of the room to create a moment of reflection for people in the space. They will explore what emergence feels like in our personal, communal, and political lives.

This will also be the celebration of Thomas’s 30th birthday! So come celebrate Thomas’s birthday by exploring emergence and celebrating his new journey into a whole new decade!

Sarah Cruse
Sarah Cruse has learned to come home to the moment, the place where all things are and everything becomes. As a young repressed and depressed adult, trying to find her way out of the patterns of trauma that carried her family, she discovered the healing power of embodied truth, authentic voice and creative expression. Fumbling through her chosen road of expressive freedom, as a spoken word artist, actress, singer and sound explorer, she discovered an internal river of emergence. It is a deep listening, a profound wellspring of self-expression, a pathway towards healing that changed her life forever. Sarah now supports people and communities in activating their own inner creative pathways. She is currently a practitioner of energetic medicine, sound healing and trauma clearing, the lead singer of her band Yaya’s Kitchen, and a channel for a wise, humorous and loving character named Granny; all serving as riverbeds for the stream of her joyful emergence. Sarah believes in the brilliance of collaborative intelligence and lives with a curiosity that continues to invite her into places and spaces that reveal the genius and the generosity of the collective heart that guides us all.

You may connect with Sarah and learn more about her healing work at and IG @healingwithposturesofgrace. You can also find her band Yaya’s Kitchen streaming live on most platforms as well as IG #yayasmusickitchen.

Thomas Sage Pedersen
Thomas Sage Pedersen’s mission and purpose has shifted throughout the years, but has always revolved around: to explore and implement innovative ways to inspire and create communities that are rooted in health, self-awareness, communication, creativity, accountability, courage and nonviolence. He continues to explore these principles in his personal life as well as in organizations he has created, helped create or are a part of.

Thomas is the CEO and Founder of the award winning music school Everyone’s Music School. He is the founder and main host of the podcast Speak For Change Podcast. He also has his own radio show on KSQD 90.7 fm in Santa Cruz County called the Speak For Change Radio hour. He is a co-Founder and the main facilitator of the Black Kings of Santa Cruz County which is a black men’s group here in Santa Cruz County rooted in brotherhood and connection.

He is a member of the Santa Cruz Equity Collaborative who are popularly known for holding responsibility for the BLM mural here in Santa Cruz. When not working in the community Thomas likes to write, paint and create music. He lives in the Redwoods of Santa Cruz County with his amazing artist wife Lauren Ringelman.

COVID-19 Precautions
Proof of vaccination is required for all attendees. Please bring a CDC vaccination card, a photo of a card, or a California SMART Health QR code.

All attendees must be masked while inside the space.