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Sustainability, Systems Thinking and Well-being – Giving Voice to Data

About Sustainability, Systems Thinking and Well-being – Giving Voice to Data

Oregon is the only state in the union with a vision for the consumption of materials extending to 2050 that is ratified by the legislature and supported by the Environmental Quality Commission. The Vision expands the charter of the solid waste management to examine material consumption and the associated environmental burdens from a system wide perspective. This expanded view - referred to as systems thinking or life cycle approach - uncovers environmental hotspots within the material flows that support economic activities. This unique state-level charter combining research, long term strategic outlook, and policy perspective is well-placed to identify options to reduce environmental and social hotspots related to consumption in the States. Speaker: Mr. Minal Mistry, Business Initiatives Lead, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Environmental Justice and Sustainability Speaker Series, Middlebury Inst. of Intl. Studies; Free, open to public, no registration required. Online via Zoom. All details on the For questions, contact Rachel C., Center for the Blue Economy, [email protected], (831) 647-4183 (leave message to receive call back).

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