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The Frankenstein Project

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About The Frankenstein Project

The Frankenstein Project
Written and directed by Kirsten Brandt
Talk-back after the Friday, November 22 performance.

Mainstage, Theater Arts Center (UCSC)

Haunted by the premature passing of her mother, Ph.D. candidate Mary Frankenstein embarks on a quest to conquer death. Fueled by a relentless ambition, Frankenstein immerses herself in the studies of biotechnology and ancient alchemical riddles to bring forth a “monstrous” creation. This newly abandoned Mary The Creation must learn the harsh realities of living in contemporary society while plagued by the memories of the seven dead women who make up her body. All the while, novelist Mary Shelley floats in and out of her tale as the complexities of her own life rage out of control. This media-rich riff on the Frankenstein legend shines a harsh light on nature vs. nurture and our ethical responsibilities to what we create.
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