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The Galápagos Islands and the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest

Live Oak Grange
Thu Jul 18 7pm - 8:30pm Ages: 18+
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About The Galápagos Islands and the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest

Natural Resource Conservationist Rich Casale will show slides of his experiences traveling in Ecuador. He toured the capital city of Quito, cruised to several of the Galápagos Islands, traveled by train across Ecuador to the Andes, and visited the Mashpi Cloud forest. He will also speak about the wildlife and conservation efforts going on there.

Ecuador is one of the most diverse countries in the world having natural, historical and cultural attractions as well as mountains, jungles, rainforests and beaches. It has the most biodiversity of flora and fauna per square kilometer anywhere.

His adventures included day and night hikes, aerial/canopy zip line tours, and a giant tortoise sanctuary as well as the wildlife, birds, butterflies, sea lions, marine iguanas, insects and plants.

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