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About Tibetan Buddhist Practice

Join us for a rotating schedule of Tibetan Buddhist practices led by experienced Dharma practitioners.

Practices include:

Vajrasattva (1st Monday of the month)
Green Tara (2nd Monday of the month)
Chenrezig (3rd Monday of the month)
Medicine Buddha (4th Monday of the month)
Leaders choice if there is a 5th Monday of the month

Each session includes some quiet stabilizing meditation and then a simple deity practice (sadhana) with basic prayers and mantra recitation.

When we say “deity” we are referring to enlightened beings, i.e., buddhas. By doing these sadhanas, we activate the qualities of these enlightened beings within ourselves.

Bring a mala (rosary) if you have one to help keep count of mantras. We have beautiful malas for sale at our bookstore. Practice leader will give instructions on this part of practice.

Turning the Great Prayer Wheel

video:Turning the Great Prayer Wheel

Festival thangka 2018

video:Festival thangka 2018
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